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Send moving Japanese kaomoji/emoticon stickers

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• Exclusive on iOS: with this iMessage app you can send moving (animated) Japanese text emoticons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also called kaomoji)
******if anything could get me to get an iPhone, it's the existence of this - user on Twitter******

Kaomoji - the famous Japanese text emoticons - just got a life inside your iMessage! You can peel and place these animated Kaomotion stickers (also called Kaomotions) on anything — bubbles, images, or even other stickers — and send them to your friends.
Just like you, these Kaomotions express the full range of human emotion and reactions. And most importantly, they're all moving, fun and loveable!


We are actively adding new Kaomotions until we hit 25. Get it while it's free!


Send moving Japanese emoticon stickers to your friends — we call them Kaomotions!
• They work like gifs, you just add them to your iMessage chat — and they'll move around like magic
• Place Kaomotions on anything in your chat history and interact with existing text
• Kaomotions look just like text, but they're moving!
• Send Kaomotion reaction stickers right from your iMessage keyboard
• Use Kaomotions to send positive emotions, joy, love, embarrassment, anger, indifference, confusion, doubt, surprise, animals, cats and much, much more to your friends - new characters are being added right now
• Welcome the most famous kaomoji with a new won life, say hi to: Shruggie, Lenny, Happy Gary and many, many more.


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Have fun sending Japanese text character stickers!

Minimum iOS version: 10

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